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Thank you for visiting Saddletrout Studios. So glad you could make it to this little corner of The Web. My name is Bruce Brodie, and I am from Toledo, Ohio.

I consider myself a surrealist artist because of the way I approach painting. Very rarely will I paint or draw a scene from real life, such as a landscape or still life. Instead, I prefer to search for ideas in my thoughts and dreams. To me this is most liberating, because it opens up infinite possibilities. Instead of being limited to recording an object only as it exists in the real world, Surrealism allows for the absence of reason, as in a dream where the most fantastic things can happen without everyday logic getting in the way.

Please enjoy your visit.
Sincerely, Bruce

Note-Originally, visual art was not a part of Surrealism. The original "Surrealist Movement" of the mid-twenties started as a movement involving Literature, Politics and Philosophy. Art was accepted by the Surrealists only after much debate. For more information please Google "Surrealism", and the "Surrealist Movement".

This site is set up in two sections:

1 Exhibits:
--In the Main Gallery: "Images Of The Mind's Eye", surrealistic paintings from your's truly. I hope you enjoy them.
--From the Attic: "Weird Inventions", an exhibit of the crazy devices and cumbersome contraptions I enjoy thinking up.
--"Surreal Vegetation", an exhibit of strange plants that only existed in my imagination until now.

2 Tutorials:
--"Drawing with Mice" has a lesson on shading basic shapes.
--In the "Animation Workshop" there are two animation projects for the beginning gif animator.

Copyright information
All works of art depicted on this site are my own originals. All copyright laws apply. If there is something you would like to use for non-profit reasons, such as a personal website, proper credit and link to this site will be just fine. If you would like to use something for reasons other than non-profit, please e-mail me at

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